Krav Maga Instructor Certification Course - V.01

This package contains approximately 11 hoursof information packed material. This program is based on the methodology that Nir developed while serving as a Counter Terror and Krav Maga Instructor at the Israeli Special Forces Counter Terror School where he was in charge of training the IDF Hostage Rescue Units as well as the Special Operations Units from all the allied nation militaries involved in the ‘War on terror’.                                

This included all the Special Operations and Special Forces Units form the United States of America that would be sent to the IDF Counter Terror School for specialized training before deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan.                    

Nir had to develop a program that would allow these Warriors to learn the most optimal and quickest methods of surviving violent engagements in the most time compressed approach, as well as ensured their ability to not only retain the knowledge but to be able to effectively deploy this knowledge in real life dynamic violent engagements under stress.              

The effectiveness of Nir’s methodology made it a highly demanded component of the training curriculum for some of the world’s most elite Units that Nir was tasked with training at the Counter Terror School.                

When Nir completed his service in the IDF, he reconfigured his Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga methodology to suit the civilian and Law Enforcement community. The end result, is a system that does not deviate in any way from the factual variables of real-life attacks and the most optimal and effective approach congruent with those variables to mitigate and survive those attacks. 

Nir’s only objective with teaching is to give good people the most realistically effective means to survive against evil. Nir is also the only Krav Maga Instructor who acknowledges that Krav Maga, although very effective, is not a complete system for real life survival. In his Instructor certification course, Nir addresses all the flaws of the system with real demonstrations, as well as provides the solutions to remedy those flaws. This is one of the main factors that make Nir’s system so popular around the world, in the Civilian, Law Enforcement, and Military communities.                        

This video package is material from Nir’s 4-day Krav Maga Instructor Certification Course and it covers:         

- Empty hand combatives
- Weapon and target flow drill
- Countering strikes
- Countering grabs and holds
- Ground survival
- Surviving multiple attackers
- Defense against impact weapon attacks
- Knife threat and knife attack survival
- Handgun threat defense
- Long gun/rifle threat defense

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Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Video Disclaimer

  • 02


    • Welcome To the Course

  • 03

    VTM-13 Drill (Violent Threat Mitigation 13 Drill)

    • Perceive, Analyze, Formulate, Execute- and Striking Combo

    • Weapon and Target #1 and #2

    • Weapon and Target #3-Side Kick

    • Weapon and Target #4-#5-#6-Trachea Strike

    • Do Not Build Bad Habits

    • Weapon and Target -Headbutt

    • Headbutt, Eye Gouge Clarifiaction

    • Weapon and Target-#10-Refefrence 1

    • Full Weapon and Target plus Takedown

    • Weapon and Target- Tweaks and Adjustments

  • 04

    Reference Points 1 & 2

    • Reference 1 into Piston Takedown

    • Piston Control What Ifs

    • Reference 2 w: Spine Immobilizer

  • 05

    Point of Dominance

    • Point Of Dominance

    • Head Control

    • Head Control w/ Movement

    • Head Control_Moving Person

    • Threat Does Not Care_Ankle Immobilization

    • Head Control to Decapitation

  • 06

    Weapon and Target Drill

    • Weapon and Target 13 Point Distance Drill

  • 07


    • What is Retzef

    • Retzef Strategy

    • Retzef Drill

    • Retzef Drill 2

  • 08

    Straight Line Attacks

    • Straight Line Defense

    • Straight Line Attacks and Defense

  • 09

    Grabs, Chokes

    • Shirt Grab Defense

    • Grabs, Don't Let Them Exist

    • Guillotine Defense

  • 10

    Outside Attacks

    • 360 Drill Against Outside Attacks

  • 11

    Multiple Attackers

    • Surviving Multiple Attackers

    • Multiple Attackers w: Head Control

    • Multiple Attacker with Transitions

    • Multiple Attackers Drill

    • Eyes Closed Reaction Drill 1

    • Eyes Closed Reaction Drill 2

  • 12

    Ground Survival

    • Tackle Defense

    • Ground Intro -4 to +1

    • Ground Drill-Knee to Elbow Movement

    • -1 and +1

    • -2 and +2

    • -3 and +3 and strikes

    • -3 and +3 North & South Position

    • -4 and +4

    • Rear Naked Choke Defense

    • Rear Naked Choke Defense 2

    • Rear Naked Choke Defense w: Hooks

  • 13

    Stick Defense

    • Stick PreDeploy with Takedown

    • Stick Reference 2

    • Deployed Stick

  • 14

    Knife Survival

    • Knife Attack Survival

    • Knife Leg Kick Defense

    • Knife Defense Controlling Arm

    • Knife Leg Kick Defense 2

    • Knife Threat_L Block:Sweep

    • Knife PreDeploy Reference 1 w Piston Takedown

    • Knife PreDeploy Reference 2 w: Takedown

    • Knife PreDeploy To Reference 2

    • Knife Survival_Ram

    • Knife Survival Drill

    • Knife Thrust Stab Defense

  • 15

    Universal Blade

    • Universal Blade

    • Universal Blade-Protect Your Neck!

  • 16

    Defense Against Firearm Threats

    • Firearm Defense Video 1

    • Firearm Defense Video 2

  • 17

    Bonus Footage

    • Bonus Footage 1

    • Bonus 2

    • Bonus 3

    • Bonus 4